Thursday 3 January 2013

Odd jobs, work and weather

I spent the day working today. 

Mick spent the day catching up on his job list.  We've now got a second tv on a bracket in the bedroom, plugs for the tv aerial /radio to be alternated, smoke detector at the front of the boat, a smoke/co detector in the back cabin, rods to hold the larger books on the shelf, a foldaway side table beside my armchair!  And... the solid fuel stove is almost there.... almost.

A message from my mum this morning said they were heading for a very hot few days.  I checked the forecast for Stone and it seems we're getting a few dry days.  Please be true!!

Weather for Stone, UK
Currently : 10°C Mostly cloudy
Wed : Chance of rain, Max 12° Min 8°
Thu : Partly sunny, Max 12° Min 7°
Fri : Partly sunny, Max 11° Min 6°
Sat : Cloudy, Max 10° Min 6°

Weather for Bendigo, Australia
Currently : 18°C Clear
Thu : Clear, Max 37° Min 21°
Fri : Clear, Max 39° Min 22°
Sat : Clear, Max 40° Min 14°
Sun : Clear, Max 34° Min 17°

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Paul and El said...

Hope we get an invite to the fire warming!