Wednesday 2 January 2013

A new year

Today was another lovely sunny morning and this time it lasted a bit longer.  There were boats out and about and walkers everywhere we looked.  We went for a walk ourselves to have a nosey around Aston village.  Very pretty.

I bumped into Jim and Joan from nb Two Jays up at the laundry and it seems Joan had a bit of a mishap yesterday which involved a dip in the marina!  She slipped while stepping off the back of their boat and fell in.  Imagine Jim's confusion hearing her calling and not seeing her... until he looked down in the water.  Lucky there isn't much of Joan so he was able to pluck her out by the shoulders of her coat.  And... lucky she wasn't injured.  So the laundry visit was in aid of washing yesterday's clothing and coat.

Today :
1. Mick's visitors
2. And again
3. I like this entrance
4. One of the churches at Aston village
5. Imagine coming home along here
6. Steps to the apartment above and the public footpath at left
7. Magic faraway tree
8. A moat around "The Moat House"

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