Saturday 5 January 2013

An enjoyable day in Stone

We've had a lovely day in Stone today beginning with a leisurely breakfast and a catch up on other people's blogs.  I saw a very optimistic post on nb Caxton's blog saying they would be leaving the marina at first light this morning.  As we'd sent a text to say Mick would come and set the lock for them we figured they'd be almost here by now!  A quick check with Elaine.... no.... they hadn't even left yet.  I get the feeling that their intentions of early starts are about as successful as ours!  Mick said this morning "How did we ever hold down full time jobs, travel 2 hours a day each, do groceries, cooking, housework and everything else.... yet now we don't get much else done in a day than a trip to the supermarket!".  I think it's one of life's mysteries, that the busier you are the more you get done.

Eventually we received word that nb Caxton was approaching so Mick went down to the lock to save them the work.  He loves going out to help boats through locks and lift bridges!  Once they were safely moored up we gathered for a coffee.

Tonight the four of us went out for dinner, starting first with a drink at The Swan.  It had a very interesting ceiling (photo below).  We had an excellent natter over dinner and then a wander up the main street of Stone in search of a suitable pub for an after dinner drink.  We ended up at The Titanic.  Somehow Elaine spotted a kangaroo down a side street on our way... I'm not sure how that came about but it was certainly gone by the time I looked!  We parted ways at the road that leads to the bridge so we could go to our side of the canal and they down to the carpark on the other.  We gave them a wave as we each reached our boats at the end of a very enjoyable evening.

We've not been into Stone at night as we don't fancy the couple of mile walk back in the dark, so it was lovely to have the evening out and see the town decorated with Christmas lights while we're moored here.  And, we've had amazingly mild weather too.

 This evenings photos :
1. The ceiling in The Swan
2. Christmas lights in Stone
3. and again
4. Mick and Paul wandering up the street
5. Seasons Greetings!
6. On the wall of The Titanic - Mick liked this one


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