Sunday 6 January 2013

At last.... wooohoooo !!

After a very long, drawn out process we finally have the little solid fuel stove in.  What a relief!  It has been so difficult doing a building project without a car.  It's also much harder when we don't know where to go to get materials. It's finished at last and when we return to the marina tomorrow we'll try it out. 

We went for a walk down the towpath and had a look at the Stone railway station.  What a lovely building it is and what a shame that it's no longer used for it's original purpose.  When we got back to the boat it was strange to see the little chimney on top of the boat.

We met up with Paul and Elaine from nb Caxton for a drink at The Star before dinner today.  Suddenly it was 2 1/2 hours later!

Mick's been doing his "grumpy old man" impersonation.  This morning there were 2 boats moored between us and the last boat on this stretch of mooring and then a boat came in and has moored smack in the middle of where the other 2 boats had been. We weren't the only ones to notice... it was the first thing Paul said when we met up with them at the pub.

Weather for Stone, UK
Currently : 8°C Scattered cloud
Sat : Partly sunny, Max 11° Min 7°
Sun : Partly sunny, Max 11° Min 5°
Mon : Partly sunny, Max 10° Min 6°
Tue : Chance of rain, Max 11° Min 2°

Photos today :
1. The Stone railway station... lovely building
2. Plaque at the station
3. St Dominic's Priory building
4. With a gorgeous entrance
5. Moored in Stone - note the chimney!
6. The stove at last



Hexagon Al said...

Hi Elly & Mick,
Happy New Year! Love the stove, it looks very cosy.
Weather not too hot here in Castlemaine today but heating up again tomorrow. Thank goodness for air conditioners!

Ade said...

Like it, nice work Mick.