Monday 14 January 2013

First snow

When I went out this morning, there was Diane from nb Ferndale outside their cratch on her phone.... the "onesie" girl.  She certainly looked cosy warm on such a glorious but chilly morning.

Mick wasn't feeling so great yesterday and today he's definitely got a cold.... coughing and spluttering all day.  I woke with a sore throat so it seems I might be in for it too.  Not fun at all.

He did, however, move the tv today.  There's still the cords to tidy up but this evening we'll be sitting facing a different direction.  I went in to take a photo and there he was... asleep in his chair.  Catching up after a bad sleep last night.

I had work to finish for my Melbourne job so that took up the better part of the day for me.  I kept thinking I'll go out for a walk in a minute but got so engrossed in my work that a suitable time to stop didn't eventuate.

Just now I went up to the marina building (5.30pm) in the dark and I thought at first that the timber on our taff seats was frozen again.  When I touched it I realized it wasn't ice but snow!  Our first UK snow! Pity I can't get a photo of it.  It might be a good time to post a photo that Leanne, my sister in law, took while they were on their Antarctica cruise last month.  They bought a fancy new camera with money from their wedding gifts and what an amazing photo this is.  An absolutely perfect snowflake.

Today's photos speak for themselves :


Diane and Ray said...

A onsie not only keeps you warm it also keeps you looking and feeling young: ) Diane

Elly and Mick said...

You look young in that photo Diane!