Tuesday 29 January 2013

The Australia Day get together

Today, being Monday, we had our Ocado grocery delivery.  Dot (nb Ewn Ha Cul) had called saying they had a delivery due too - the hour after us.  They had the same driver so our deliveries would arrive together.  Right on the dot of midday the truck arrived.  Great service!

Mick had walked into Stone for a couple of extra things we'd forgotten and I worked in the meantime.  We met Diane up at the cedar hut at 1.30pm to put up our Aussie decorations.  Some of our regulars are away at the moment but the rest of the usuals were in attendance.  There was some new boaters : Sue from nb Cockney Sparra and Julie from nb Dampervan.  They brought along a non boating friend.

It was an enjoyable afternoon of Aussie treats.  Gee it was windy.  The Aussie flag, courtesy of Leanne before we left Australia, was flapping wildly.  Even the dogs got into the Aussie spirit.  Banjo (nb Ferndale) had his little green and gold coat on and Sam (nb Caxton) was in green and gold too.

The weather is much milder now but the rain has returned... and the wind!!

Weather for Stone, UK
Currently : 10°C Scattered cloud
Mon : Clear, Max 11° Min 7°
Tue : Chance of rain, Max 14° Min 6°
Wed : Clear, Max 11° Min 4°
Thu : Chance of rain, Max 11° Min 3°

Today :
1. Barry (nb Winton's Folly), Gordon (nb Ewn Ha Cul) and Mick getting in the spirit
2. Barry's contribution
3. Elaine (nb Caxton) with Sam in his green and gold
4. Banjo (nb Ferndale)


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your update on Stanley over the weekend. We really appreciate it. Lynn