Thursday 24 January 2013

Pie night

We woke to more snow but we're getting used to that now.  Mick faffed about and chatted to people while I worked and the day passed quickly.  We looked at the weather forecast and tomorrow is the pick of the days so we're going into Hanley on the bus.

Jim and Joan (nb Two Jays) asked if we'd join them for "pie night" at the Three Crowns.  We haven't eaten out for a while and had to pass up the Sunday roast with Ray and Diane (nb Ferndale) on Sunday as I was busy with work.  It hasn't been many times that we've gone somewhere for dinner as being on foot makes that a little more difficult from the marina, plus we're watching our budget.  It was dry when we walked the 3/4 mile to the pub.  It was an enjoyable evening and the time passed quickly.  As we got up to leave we could see it was snowing outside.  What a lovely walk back it was.... Mick and Jim laughing loudly all the way.  There were huge snow flakes gently tumbling down and it looked like a magical wonderland.  So pretty.

Not a good photo but a reminder of that lovely walk back.

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