Tuesday 6 August 2013

To Tenby via Saundersfoot

When we were dreaming and planning our trip to the UK we expected we'd have lots of grey, gloomy, rainy days.  We had one of those today.  It rained from when we woke until about 4.30pm.

After not the best sleep, we had a delicious breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled egg.  Overall the accomodation at Monmouth was ok.  The owner was very helpful and friendly.

From Monmouth we headed towards Swansea and stopped for a walk at The Mumbles.  I'm sure it would be a busy place on a sunny day but it poured rain the whole time we were there.  We wandered around and got soaking wet shoes.  There were some interesting shops to look at.  It wasn't much in the way of a beach.  The tide was right out... and a long way too... but without a sandy shore it's not the prettiest.

The roads driving between were in some places like driving through the Otway Ranges at home and some so dark it was like driving into a tunnel.  We did notice that the countryside was a more lush green than where we've been in England lately.  There must be more rain here.  We stopped at a lookout but it was so cloudy we couldn't see much.  We spent an enjoyable half hour in a salvage yard looking around and chatting to the fellow there.

We were about an hour earlier than our check in time as we approached Tenby so made a stop at Saundersfoot first.  That was well worth a visit.  There was a nice sandy beach and a little harbour.  There were also a lot of people seeping out from every nook and cranny.  The rain had eased just a bit.  The lifeguards were out and there were children playing on the beach!

We didn't really know much about Tenby... only that it was a seaside place and somebody told us it might be busy.  It is, and it is, but it was also a pleasant surprise.  It's a lovely little place on a bit of a hill with winding streets and stunning views of the harbour below spied between buildings.  We even saw some swimmers. There were people out in force when we went for a walk to find something for dinner.  I'm looking forward to getting up early and going for a walk in the quiet of the early morning.


Halfie said...

Ah - happy memories of Saundersfoot! We had many holidays in a caravan at Wisemans Bridge, a short walk along the coast, when the children were small. Did you discover the tunnels on the coast path? They were built for horse-drawn waggons on a plateway.

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Halfie,
Our time here has been all too short. We didn't get to walk the coastal path. I see another visit coming up one day!