Saturday 19 January 2013

We wished for snow

... but we didn't quite expect this!  We woke this morning to deep snow all around.  On the pontoon between us and the next boat it was up to the level of our gunnel.  We had a bit of a sleep in and by the time we finished breakfast I was itching to get outside.  I wanted to leave footprints in that pristine snow.

Mick didn't seem quite so keen to go out there so I rugged up and went off for a walk on my own.  A couple were walking by with a lovely spaniel.  The dog was wildly excited to be dashing about in the show.  It raced ahead and threw itself down for a roll in the snow.  Sounds like my crazy Finnish ancestors.

I came back and insisted Mick come out for a walk.  He'll be going home in just a couple of weeks and this might be the only opportunity he gets to walk in snow so deep.  At first he picked up his umbrella and starting climbing out of the boat with no coat, no hat, no scarf.  Honestly!  He very quickly changed his mind about that and ducked back in to get properly dressed.  Once outside he was glad to be there and couldn't believe his eyes at the amount of snow.

It was quite windy and if we faced the direction of the wind the snow was blown hard in our faces.  I couldn't have cared less but I was glad of the umbrella as my cold has only just started easing and I thought it better to keep warm and dry.  The only bit of me that was cold was from just below to just above my knees and I could live with that.  We walked up to the marina field for a bit before Mick chickened out and wanted to come back.  I'd been out for an hour by then so was happy enough to get back in the warm.  If only the sky would clear and the sun come out.  Oddly enough the marina water has defrosted but unfortunately our water taps haven't.

When I came in to check my email there was an urgent job to be done so that was the rest of my day taken up.  It's a good time to be tied up with work as we really can't go anywhere much in this weather.

I had a comment on the blog today from nb Mary H asking for nb Winton's Folly blog address. 
Here it is :

Some snowy photos :





Ade said...

I guess that was your 1st ever deep snow? Can't imagine what that must feel like.
Although NZ gets it so maybe not.
I rember an early post about snow I comment on where you looked forward to canal side snow and found some great pictures, and here it is, just as you imagined no doubt.

Elly and Mick said...

I used to go skiing when I was young - we do get Winter snow in the mountains about 3-4hrs away. It was the first time Mick had seen snow like that even though he is from NZ. It was just such a treat to be rugged up in our home and looking out the window at snow. I loved it!